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A I R P U X   2
P N E U M A T I C   C O M P O N E N T S
E L E C T R I C A L   C O M P O N E N T S
























Automation FX is a great company with great products, excellent service, fast delivery and always up for a challenge. I highly recommend them to everyone I work with and they’ve all been really pleased with everything."
                                                                               - Cirque du Soleil

Our AirPux2 systems have been terrific! We have been using them since 1996 to move heavy set pieces on and off stage quickly, easily and quietly, while allowing the set to be absolutely stable once in place. Service and assistance from Automation FX is outstanding."
                                                        - Etobicoke Musical Productions

“Without a doubt, the AirPux2 system is the one of the best innovations in entertainment technology to come along in years. They provide fast, reliable and economical solutions for moving scenery in almost any situation. Simple to install and virtually maintenance free, they have changed the way we look at truck units. Couple that with the friendly, knowledgeable staff at Automation FX, and you have an indispensible resource for scenic construction. The Automation FX team understands our industry and is always ready to work with us to analyze the needs of a show or set piece and develop creative solutions”
                                                                    - Drayton Entertainment

Automation FX is dedicated to understanding your needs for every project, allowing them to deliver a product that perfectly meets your goal. Whether it’s an order for a single fitting or a complex pneumatic system, we always receive the same comprehensive and reliable customer service!"
                                                                          - Soulpepper Theatre

Leading edge automation product, knowledge and service for the entertainment industry. We count on them for flawless execution.”
                                                         - Stratford Shakespeare Festival